Whiskey-Infused Artisanal Maple Syrup | Washington DC

Maple syrup

Skip the balsamic syrup in favor of whiskey-tinged maple syrup when dressing strawberries this season.

Local woodworker Art Drauglis has used his skills with wood to become a maple maven, bottling the sticky stuff in small batches for his new label, Langdon Wood.

Sourcing Grade A medium amber from two sugar masters in Pennsylvania, the artist ages his syrup in oak barrels originally used for whiskey production by Catoctin Creek Distilling Company.

When the casks are tapped after two months, the resulting blend has a touch of heady malt with the sweet first taste, and a lingering whisper of wood smoke in the background.

The tawny syrup ($19 for a 12-ounce container) teases out the tartness of summer's first berries, but it is also excellent, of course, on top of a flapjack stack. Spike the syrup with chiles, and it transforms into a slick lacquer for glazing grilled ribs. 

Keeping his design background in mind, Drauglis uses minimalist bottles that would not look out of place alongside small-batch liquors. Fittingly, Langdon Wood is an excellent companion to whiskey.

Langdon Wood; etsy.com/shop/langdonwood