The Best Cocktail Recipe Collection | Tasting Table's Back Bar

20 bartenders, 60 cocktails, 1 place

Too often, the cocktail world is divided into two camps: past and future.

Either you subscribe to the drinks championed in dusty tomes, or you seek the next wave of cocktails–those bespoke, infused, self-carbonated creations.

But now you don't have to choose, thanks to Tasting Table's Back Bar.

After closely observing and documenting the cocktail renaissance over the past year in our Top Shelf edition, we sought to create a space that brought together the old and the new, the simple and the intricate.

So we tapped 20 of our favorite bartenders to each choose one Classic cocktail. We then asked them to create two variations on this classic: one With a Twist and one Gonzo interpretation. Click here to see all 60 recipes.

The resulting collection of drinks runs the full length of today's bar. You'll find faithful, historically relevant renditions of Sazeracs, Collinses and Negronis. But you'll also find whimsical instructions for making your own sous-vide gin, and even a cocktail that uses calves' brains as a garnish.

This structure also proves wildly useful for the novice bartender looking to hone his or her skills. Simply start with the classics, then graduate to the second and third tiers.

United we (boozily) stand.