Got Kosher Café Makes Dairy-Free Addictive

The Kosher Corridor's best sweets

Got Kosher? Café is a glatt kosher-certified restaurant in a deeply Jewish neighborhood.

So of course a Moses action figure watches from behind the cash register. Got Kosher? is an observant establishment, but the vibe is nonetheless comic. The packaging for many of the excellent breads reads "Haute Glatt to Go." And the sugary sheen that the small tarts wear banishes memories of any run-ins you have had with bad matzo-meal confections.

Those attractive tarts are, astonishingly, dairy-free, and they're just one style of sweet, kosher treats made by new pastry chef Youssef Sambu at the recently expanded bakery and restaurant.

The powdered-sugar-dusted almond tart ($4.50) hides a sticky berry filling, the fruit's texture reminiscent of the concentrated jam found in a Linzer torte. And the tart filled with a pool of dense chocolate ganache ($4.50) is excellent.

The wall of challah at Got Kosher? is stacked with a few different styles of bread, and you'd be remiss to not buy a loaf or seven. Chocolate-studded pretzel challah ($5 for two) is kosher in the glatt sense, but the idea might not seem to be kosher in the vernacular sense. Believe this: It most certainly is. We might be addicted to it.

Got Kosher? Café, 8914 W. Pico Blvd., Pico-Robertson; 310-858-1920 or