Burgers & Shakes At Market Burger | Washington D.C.

Spend Memorial Day at Purcellville's Market Burger

The pickle is the most maligned of toppings.

It is scraped off burgers more often than it is eaten with them.

But wasting the pickles at the new Market Burger Fries & Shakes in Purcellville would be a shame. The complimentary dilled slices are pickled with chiles, garlic, cloves and mustard seeds, absorbing heat and spice (click here for the recipe).

They're an integral component of the excellent burger ($7). Tawny brioche from Washington's Lyon Bakery stands in for normal buns, and juicy patties are made with Maryland Angus beef.

For those who prefer to go pickle-free, the two-month-old restaurant can also top a burger with crisp, smoky bacon slices from Pennsylvania ($1 each) and sautéed local mushrooms ($1).

Round it out with fries and a shake: The fries and are hand-cut, then double-dipped in canola and corn oil ($3). Try them with the house-made curry mayonnaise.

It typically takes a spoon to tackle the thick shakes and malts ($5). The biggest crowd-pleaser is probably the candy shake ($6), which is packed with malt, fudge, Butterfingers and Snickers bars.

Market Burger Fries & Shakes, 145 W. Main St., Purcellville; 540-751-1145 or marketburger.net