Food Trends: Shakshuka, Israeli Egg Dish

Shakshuka for breakfast, lunch and dinner

When it comes to breakfast, we're not exactly loyal.

At restaurants, we'll order one thing only to covet the dish of the person next to us.

And with increasing frequency, that breakfast plate has been shakshuka. 

This eggy Israeli dish has overtaken the morning mealtime at restaurants around the country and we understand why: Runny eggs nest in a skillet with a fragrant sauce of red peppers and tomatoes. Served with crusty bread, it's as appealing at dawn as it is at dusk.

One of the first spots to bring this winning amalgam to our attention was Tasty n Sons in Portland, Oregon, where it has been a staple of the brunch menu since the restaurant opened in 2010 (click here to see the recipe).

But recently, the dish has jumped coasts. At Mile End, the smoked-meat delicatessen in Brooklyn, shakshuka is offered as a special with lamb and the North African staple harissa.

At the Butcher and Bee in Charleston, South Carolina, shakshuka has a regular place on the rotating chalkboard menu. And at Sofra in Boston, guests are greeted with a shallow copper pan with eggs floating in a silky tomato sauce studded with dollops of spicy chile paste.

Now you can stop harassing your neighbor.