Cook Pigs Ranch Comes To McCal'ls Meat | Los Angele

Cook Pigs Ranch pork comes to Los Feliz

We've left no cut untasted: head, liver, belly, loin and ear.

After eating all of these pork bits in Ford's Filling Station chef Ben Ford's winning menu at Cochon 555, we're eager to bring meat from the same San Diego County rancher into our own kitchen. Thanks to McCall's Meat & Fish, that can happen now.

The Los Feliz butcher receives a Red Wattle pig today from Cook Pigs Ranch, the husband-and-wife-run farm in Fallbrook that supplied Ford's pig. What began as a few acres where Krystina and Mike Cook's kids could run around is growing into a nearly 100-acre operation, where Red Wattles will be fed on pasture and leftovers from neighboring farms. There are numerous macadamia nut and avocado growers nearby, and those fatty foods play the same role for these Red Wattles that acorns do for Ibérico pigs.

Last time McCall's had a pig of this pedigree in the butcher case–a milk- and acorn-fed Berkshire from ReRide Ranch–customers queued around the block. Cook doesn't have the same dedicated following as ReRide–not yet, at least.

So buy your chops, belly or shoulder roast (prices range from approximately $8 to $30 per pound) soon.

McCall's Meat & Fish, 2117 Hillhurst Ave., Los Feliz; 323-667-0674 or