A Food-Filled Spring Tasting | New York

Double the fun with a trip to both Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Spring will bloom and flower whether you admire it or not.

We prefer to relish the too-short season by making a 75-mile break to the New Jersey-Pennsylvania state line (Click here to see the full itinerary–with photos!).

The adorable hamlets of Stockton and Lambertville, New Jersey, and New Hope, Pennsylvania, sit on the banks of the wide Delaware River. Each is packed with opportunities for shopping, dining and riverside drinking. Our itinerary will keep you fueled with raw-milk-cheese road snacks, BBQ, prime iced coffee and old-school soft-serve ice cream alike.

The 70-mile parkland of the Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park offers numerous opportunities to get moving on the river-hugging canal and towpath. Strap bikes to your car, pick up kayaks at Paddle Creek in Frenchtown, New Jersey, or just stroll merrily along.

Follow our lead and you'll be crisscrossing the border and its beautiful bridges for a progressive adventure of stiff drinks in one state and dinner in the next.