A Game To Identify Campfire Food

This season there's only one question: restaurant or campsite?

It used to be that campfire cooking and restaurant cooking were about as different as can be.

But that is changing: Open wood fire has become the preferred cooking method at many restaurants across the country. Simultaneously, campground methods have become increasingly luxe.

So we've developed a new game to play as we eat our way through the smoky haze: restaurant or campsite?

The rules are simple: Just guess from which place a particular item has come. Your choice is either "restaurant" or "campsite." It may sound easy, but we started second-guessing our judgment when we encountered a gorgeous smoked-bacon-and-potato dish and felt the heat of some specialty hardwood charcoal. You be the judge; click here to play the game.

And because all of this winds up as more delicious eating, everyone's a winner.