Hibiscus Cocktails Across Miami | Miami

Hibiscus gets boozy

Hibiscus is the new cranberry, leaping into cocktails across Miami.

It was bound to happen. After all, hibiscus is a familiar flavor here. It is ubiquitous in some Caribbean cuisines, where it is called sorrel, and across Latin America, where it is known as jamaica.

Explore the boozier side of the flower's bright-flavored petals.

Edge Steak & Bar: Sip a hibiscus mojito ($13) on the new terrace. Hum, a liqueur made with hibiscus and other botanicals, along with pot-stilled rum, imbues this cocktail with herbal tones.

Sugarcane: The Hibiscus Blossom ($12)goes down easy with a blend of hibiscus-infused Leblon cachaça, citrus essence and mint.

Mercadito: Like most of the drinks at Mercadito, Misty's Sleeve ($12) is a kick in the pants. This hibiscus-infused Jimador tequila cocktail with ginger and chile is smoky and spicy.

The Broken Shaker: The pop-up bar at the Indian Creek Hotel does not currently feature a hibiscus drink on the menu. However, request a bespoke "bartender's choice" cocktail made with hibiscus and the spirit of your choice, and see what magic the Bar Lab gentlemen make.