Smoked Salmon Jerky From Patagonia

Patagonia launches a food line

We normally refrain from buying food from a store that also sells wet suits and running shoes.

But Patagonia, the popular outdoor apparel chain, has just launched Patagonia Provisions, which has prompted us to abandon that rule.

Under the new moniker, Patagonia is now selling wild-salmon smoked jerky ($12.50 for two ounces), both at its retail locations and online.

The jerky, which comes in flavors of black pepper, teriyaki and chile pepper, is made from wild, fully matured salmon from British Columbia. In an effort to end dangerous commercial salmon-fishing practices, Patagonia teamed with Skeena Wild, a conservation organization that uses a selective harvesting method to ensure that the salmon population thrives.

Each variety is gently smoked and dried, and the resulting jerky is the ideal texture: tender tug. It can hold up in a camping backpack, but it won't give you lockjaw from being too tough.

The future of this line is bright: Patagonia hopes to base each new edible addition on environmental causes the company wants to support.

Here's to breaking rules.