Sadie's Unique Ice Cream Floats | Los Angeles

Sadie brings unique ice-cream floats to Hollywood

It all started at Tales of the Cocktail.

On a sticky New Orleans night at that raucous annual bartenders' convention, Giovanni Martinez had his first taste of Chartreuse ice cream.

Nearly a year later, that experience inspired Sadie's head bartender to create a trio of bitters ice cream floats, each of which combines classic sodas with bitter-spirits-spiked ice cream.

The floats cost $8 and do double duty as both a digestif and dessert. Martinez worked with consulting chef Mark Gold, of Eva renown, on the flavor and texture of the ice cream, which proved tricky because boozy cream is difficult to freeze.

Flavors will change as inspiration strikes and seasons shift, but currently the menu features three standout combinations.

There's a nod to Martinez's inspiration, an ice cream starring Chartreuse that is joined by Bubble Up soda and an aromatic lime-peel garnish. Bright pink Peychaud's ice cream tastes like bubble gum and joins orange peel and Sanbitter, Italy's sharply bitter, nonalcoholic answer to Campari. Finally, medicinal Fernet ice cream achieves balance thanks to both a chocolate-mint infusion and chocolate chips; it floats in a bath of Mexican Coke and wears a mint garnish (pictured).

Sadie, 1638 N. Las Palmas Ave., Hollywood; 323-467-0200 or