Don Rafael Liqueur | Brooklyn, New York

Cacao jumps into the bottle

No more need to raid your kids' Easter basket for a chocolate fix.

Brooklyn-based chocolatier and distiller Daniel Prieto is bringing the mature complexity of cacao to those of drinking age, with two spirits derived from organic cacao: Don Rafael Cacao Prieto Rum and Don Esteban Rum Liqueur (click here to buy).

Unlike other chocolate spirits and liqueurs, which are often flavored with processed cocoa powder or artificial ingredients, Prieto's spirits are distilled directly from cacao beans from the Dominican Republic and fresh sugarcane juice. The beans are also macerated into the liquid for further flavor, then the mixture is aged in oak.

And though Prieto's spirits are technically classified as rums, the flavor is defined by the floral, earthy complexity of cacao. Think liquid Valrhona rather than boozy Yoo-hoo.

It's already caught on at booze-loving restaurants and bars, such as the new Perla in New York. There, both of the spirits are showcased in the Drella, a dry and savory take on the classic chocolate-and-orange pairing (click here to see the recipe). Prieto is also planning barrel-aged versions of the rums, and a whiskey as well.

The drinking options for chocolate lovers are looking pretty sweet.