Industry City Distillery's No. 2 Vodka | Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Industry City Distillery launches with vodka

There is quite the inventory of tools at the new City Foundry in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Glassblowing equipment? Welding gear? Lab-grade chemistry equipment? Pallet jacks? A letterpress? That would be a check.

All that equipment is manned by a motley pack of six self-taught young men. Today, those tools are put to smashing use as those fellows' new venture, Industry City Distillery (ICD), releases its first bottling, dubbed No. 2 ($26 for 375 ml).

These guys didn't set out merely to distill an excellent beet-sugar vodka; they're also building their operation from the ground up: ICD is the only distillery opened in the past century with all its equipment built entirely in Brooklyn.

And as for that damn-fine, crisp and clean 80-proof vodka? We're taking a cue from the guys of ICD and drinking it neat, so as to best appreciate its crystalline purity.

To see the vodka-making process in action, we recommend a tour of the 6,000-square-foot waterside space (e-mail to sign up for a free weekend tour).

The views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty are breathtaking.

Industry City Distillery No. 2 Vodka is available online and at Borisal Liquor & Wine, Juice Box Wine & Spirits, Heights Chateau Fine Wine and Spirits and Dry Dock Wine + Spirits