Eagle Rock Brewery | Glassell Park, Los Angeles

Eagle Rock Brewery's new bottled beers

Eagle Rock Brewery is a permanent fixture of many a tap lineup around Los Angeles.

Served at hipster dives, museums and craft-beer bars alike, the Glassell Park brewery's offerings are a sudsy mainstay in the Southland.

Then, last week, Eagle Rock Brewery set its sights on a new cool, dark space to infiltrate: your refrigerator.

Growlers of Solidarity, Populist and others have been available at the brewery's tap room since 2010, but unless you're heading for a party or drink far more beer than we do, 64 ounces of beer can go flat fast. The new solution? Bottles.

Now 22-ounce bottles full of Populist and Revolution XPA ($6 and $5.50) are being sold at the tap room and at select retail stores around L.A., including Sunset Beer Co. and The Oaks Gourmet Market. Unlike the limited-edition, ornately bottled Equinox, with its Belgian-style cork-and-wire-cage closure, there are no frills to the new packaging, which speaks to the style of both beers–these are fresh brews, meant to be drunk now. These are not beers to tuck away and bottle-condition.

So tonight we'll be partaking in the bottle of Populist we have in the fridge.

Eagle Rock Brewery, 3056 Roswell St., Glassell Park; 323-257-7866 or eaglerockbrewery.com