Pop Nations Iconic Frozen Pops | San Francisco

The iconic frozen treat gets a makeover

The seasons here are so subtle, we have to look for clues.

With the arrival of Pop Nation's fleet of frozen pop carts, we have our reminder: Spring has arrived!

The Pop Nation carts debuted late last fall during a trial run, selling frozen pops ($3 each) until just after Halloween, then retiring for the winter. As of last week, the carts have once again been rolled out. Click here to find them.

Pop Nation's icy wares aren't ordinary frozen pops. With flavors like Bangkok Night Market (a coconut-milk base steeped with the components of yellow curry, including kaffir lime and chiles) and Chocolate-Sea Salt (a kind of high-class Fudgsicle), Pop Nation is redefining dessert on a stick.

As with so many things in the Bay Area, though, the flavors are seasonal, and relationships with Bridgeway Farms and Capay Organic ensure a steady supply of farm-fresh ingredients.

With spring unfolding, fruity pops, in flavors like Strawberry-Basil and Kiwi, Lime and Ginger, will debut and be followed in warmer months by Bourbon Peach, Blueberry Lemonade and any of the dozens of other flavors currently in rotation.

Visit thepopnation.com for cart locations and flavors.