William Sonoma's Urban-Farming Products

Your new one-stop-shop for urban farming

There is an endearing quaintness to the homespun, to be sure.

One glaring example: Half of the restaurants that opened in the past five years have profited by emulating that particular ethos.

But the homespun movement isn't always accessible to everyone. So we're happy to see that the urban-farming movement has hit the mainstream, a fact cemented by the launch of Agrarian, a new line from Williams-Sonoma.

When it comes to growing food at home, the collection is the broadest we've seen. Where a would-be DIYer used to visit five different sources to stock up, Agrarian makes it possible to find seeds, copper gardening tools, cheesemaking kits, canning jars and more, all under one (digital) roof.

The entire line has a gorgeous design-centric aesthetic thanks to developmental mastermind Allison O'Connor, who previously spent time at another favorite home-wares source, Terrain.

More people growing and preserving their own food: sounds like a win to us.