Bang Bang's Pies And Biscuits | Logan Square, Chicago

Go to Bang Bang for pie, but don't leave without a biscuit

There are plenty of steaming, golden-brown baked goods at Bang Bang, but we're most excited about the biscuits.

The new Logan Square pie shop from the duo that ran the pie truck of the same name offers only three things: pie, coffee and biscuits. The last one is a new addition, and owners Dave and Megan Miller spent months honing the recipe. The sour-cream biscuit they developed is stunning: crunchy and bronzed outside, and soft within.

We were halfway through devouring ours plain before we remembered there were condiments available: blueberry-red wine compote with citrus zest, and house-churned butter flavored with either honey and black pepper, or Meyer lemon and basil.

We'd be remiss if we didn't laud the pies as well. They're superb, and currently available in three varieties, including chocolate chess with blood orange, and Shaker lemon pie, filled with vibrant Meyer lemons and topped with a generous sprinkle of sea salt ($5 per slice; $26 for a whole). The lard-based crust is flaky and flavorful, and will soon be packed with rhubarb grown in the yard next to the shop.

Bang Bang Pie Shop, 2051 N. California Ave.; 773-276-8888 or