Smack's Finest Cannelés | Washington D.C.

Cannele baked goods from Smack delivery bakery in Washington, DC

France's Bordeaux region connotes bold, earthy wine for most.

But for pastry lovers, it's the holy land of rum-spiked cannelés.

A finicky pastry that necessitates precise technique, the finest cannelés have a crisp caramelized shell that cracks to reveal a custardy interior.

New local delivery bakery Smack has nailed the Bordeaux ideal with its two-bite cannelés. Paris-born baker Stephane Muszynski spent eight years experimenting with recipes to master the flavors he loved in France.

The baker coats copper tins in a thin layer of beeswax, which helps set the exterior. The crêpe-like batter, which also includes dark rum and Tahitian vanilla, rests for 24 hours before baking. Muszynski then shocks the dough with high heat before finishing the cannelés' time in the oven at a lower temperature.

In addition to the originals, Smack serves milk- or dark-chocolate-dipped cannelés, and creates a flavor of the month (eight for $10). Special flavors include salted caramel, espresso and a fresh basil version.

Next, he plans to launch pairing suggestions for cocktails and, fittingly, wine.

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