Wine Regions Worth Visiting Right Now

We're taking a closer look at wine

The world of wine is so vast, it's sometimes hard to know where to start.

So we started with a narrow entry point: the tiny cluster of Canary Islands off the western coast of northern Africa, which is producing some of our favorite wines at the moment. This snippet of exhilarating winemaking prompted us to think about a few other regions we're currently excited about: Sicily, California's Sierra Foothills and the North Fork of New York's Long Island.

These four regions, and the bottles produced there, anchor our April Monthly Edition, appropriately dubbed Wine. Click here to read about visiting each region, including our recommendations of where to stay and eat in each location, and which signature bottles to try at home if you want to travel via wine from your love seat.

Then check in throughout the month as our wine coverage expands. You'll read about the year's most groundbreaking new wine-centric restaurants; learn about cocktails from bars that are foregoing spirits for the grape; and learn about wine in food as well as in the glass.

You've got to start somewhere.