Quinoa Is The New Granola In These Snacks

Quinoa is the new granola

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The phrase "crunchy-granola" hasn't been the same since Daniel Humm starting sharing the oats, fruit and nut mixture.

When the chef of New York's super-luxe Eleven Madison Park began giving out jars of the stuff to guests as parting gifts, granola shed any lingering alternative-culture associations it once carried.

Now next to step into the mainstream is quinoa.

The grain has been slowly showing up in salads and as a side to proteins on menus around the country. But the following incarnations-as snack foods enrobed in chocolate or sweetened with nuts and honey–signify a full-bore immersion.

I Heart Keenwah: Clusters of puffed and whole quinoa are bound with honey and come in flavor combinations such as ginger-peanut and chocolate-and-sea-salt ($20 for four bags). The grain provides a sturdy yet balanced backbone that successfully strong-arms hunger.

Keen-wah Decadence: Somewhere in between an energy bar and a candy bar is Keenwah Decadence ($35 for 12 bars), a snack that teems with superfoods. The quinoa, almonds and chia seeds unite for a textured, enriching snack.