Roads And Kingdoms' Culinary Travel Itineraries

Roads and Kingdoms is not-to-be-missed travel web site

Sometimes the worst meals are the most memorable.

For instance, when a questionable crab dish leads to a (literally) gut-wrenching night in a Burmese hotel room.

You rarely see these types of experiences chronicled in food travel publications, but for those seeking a dose of reality with their photos of sandy beaches, there's the new website Roads and Kingdoms.

The aforementioned crab was one recent post, in which coeditor Nathan Thornburgh described one of his less pleasurable experiences. It reminded us that travel, for all of its boons, also has its challenges.

But then there is the other crab post on the site, written by coeditor Matt Goulding. The post captures in no uncertain terms and with an admittedly hyperbolic touch the deliciousness of a coconut crab dish in Cambodia. In the minutes it took to read Goulding's missive, we went from enjoying the germ-free comfort of our own den to having an itch for our passport and a plane ticket.

The editors' shared resume includes stints at Time and Men's Health. Their prose is captivating, and the photography is enticingly florid. Roads and Kingdoms has quickly shot up on our list of favorite places to wallow in wanderlust.