Orgeat Cocktails At Lani Kai And More

Orgeat is no longer strictly almond

Orgeat is the new bitters.

Until recently, the almond-based syrup was most commonly associated with tiki drinks. Now, it's the latest cocktail ingredient to be split at the seams and stitched together again by bartenders far and wide.

These new orgeats fall far from the almond tree. Here, your nut-centric guide to alternative sweetening:

Pistachio: At 1886 in Los Angeles, pistachio orgeat flavors the Holland Daze, which also has Bols Genever, maraschino liqueur, lemon and Sambuca bitters.

Pecan: Dedicated to using only Southern ingredients, the team at Husk in Charleston faced a problem when it came to orgeat, as almonds didn't grow anywhere nearby. Their solution: Local pecans comprise the syrup, which is used in a Rum Swizzle.

Macademia: Lani Kai in New York City is decidedly not a tiki bar. So logic follows that it would sway from tiki tradition when it came to orgeat. In touch with the bar's Hawaiian theme, the orgeat is made with macadamias, a prized commodity of the islands, for the Tree House Cocktail.

Cashew: In London, Shaker & Company uses cashews to inform the orgeat in the Call Me the Milkman cocktail, with vodka, orange liqueur, absinthe and lemon.

Walnut: Giving an autumnal twist to the summer-friendly Mai Tai, Top Flr in Atlanta uses an orgeat of maple syrup and walnuts for its Rye Tai cocktail.

For orgeat experimentation at home, start at the beginning with a classic Japanese cocktail from Jerry Thomas (click here to see the recipe).

´╗┐Editor's Note: Lani Kai has closed.