Signature Coffee Beans From Laughing Man And More

Arnie Grape. Romeo Montague. Jack Dawson.

And, with his new coffee line, Leonardo DiCaprio can add "roaster" to his list of iconic roles.

The actor's foundation partnered with impeccable coffee company La Colombe Torrefaction to create LYON ($12.25 for 12 ounces), a blend sourced directly from the mountains of Haiti, Peru, Ethiopia and Brazil. The coffee, which comes from sustainably farmed beans, has a velvety, nectarlike taste.

With 100 percent of the profits going toward environmental charities, LYON is coffee for a cause. But Leo isn't the only celebrity thinking big with beans; actor Hugh Jackman and director David Lynch have also started coffee lines.

Inspired by a trip to Ethiopia, Jackman recently launched Laughing Man Coffee & Tea ($12 for 12 ounces). The organic coffee and espresso line is sold online and at Jackman's new café in New York, where customers can order the popular antipodean flat white.

And then there's Lynch, who was known to down 20 cups of instant coffee a day before starting his David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee label ($10 to $12 per pound). These days, he's cut back to a mere seven large cups of his organic house blend, decaf French roast and espresso, all made from organically grown beans.

Start your morning with star power.