Cachette And Makers & Brothers; European Homewares

Cachette and Makers & Brothers bring European homewares to your doorstep

Damn those Europeans.

We covet their butter, their wine, their fast metabolisms. Now, at least, we don't have to yearn for their kitchen style.

As with so much in our global world, the Internet has brought the country-cottage chic of a Paris loft or the rusticity of an Irish castle within reach. Two new e-commerce sites are dedicated to bringing gorgeous collectibles across the pond.

Cachette is the project of an Anglo-French couple based in the south of France. Together, they curate products and ingredients from all over Western Europe. Handsome finds such as sturdy color-blocked wooden spoons and jars of Yorkshire chutney are great gifts.

But we won't be giving away the baking set of Falcon Enamelware that we bought on Makers & Brothers. This site, run by a pair of Irish brothers, focuses on craft items for the home, from ideally thick ceramic bowls to that baking set, which isn't available from any other place in the States.

Best of all, you don't have to worry about dragging your finds through customs.