Garject's Genius Garlic Press

A garlic peeler for olfactory bliss

Few things smell better to a cook than fresh garlic added to a pan of hot butter, but little smells worse than the raw allium's lingering smell on our fingers.

Up until now, we've simply dealt with it, accepting one smell for the privilege of the other.

But we weren't so stoic as to pass up the Garject ($36), a new tool that minces garlic with minimal hand contact. It functions like any garlic press might–but it also has a few genius design additions.

Put an unpeeled clove in the chamber and press as usual. When you open the handle, a smartly placed soft blade automatically scrapes the minced garlic from the face of the tool and transfers it to a pan or bowl without touching your skin.

To clean, press the handle of a tiny lever near the chamber and a scoop ejects the spent clove skins into the trash. And your hands are still free from that sharp raw-garlic odor.

Unfortunately, breath mints aren't included.