Perfect Dinner Party Meals

Seven new things to make right now

If we were to dream up our ideal meal, it would probably look a lot like this:

When our guests first arrived, we'd serve them gin cocktails, deviled eggs dusted with fiery dehydrated Sriracha–a trick we learned from Brooklyn restaurant Talde–and fluffy, silver-dollar-size sauerkraut-and-Pecorino pancakes like the ones served at San Francisco's State Bird Provisions.

We'd also serve the no-fail appetizer, sour-cream-and-onion dip. The recipe comes from Los Angeles' Blue Cow, where they serve it with house-made taro and sweet potato chips, but standard potato chips would be fine too.

Following that, when everyone gathered around the table, we'd bring out platters of brown-sugar short ribs, a recipe from the master of modern Korean barbecue, Roy Choi.

He serves the ribs at his new Southern California restaurant, Sunny Spot, but he probably wouldn't think to pair them with blackened Brussels sprouts like the ones at Maude's Liquor Bar in Chicago. Caramelized and sweet, seasoned with lemon, herbs, shallots and Parmigiano-Reggiano, this recipe honors the brassica.

We are firm believers that every meal should end in dessert, so finish with chocolate chip cookies, made using an unusual recipe that employs both beaten egg whites and whole-wheat flour.

Expect clean plates and very happy guests.