The Jolly Oyster's Fresh Delights | Ventura, Los Angeles

A trip to San Buenaventura State Beach

We love our local oysters.

The Lunas, Blondes and other oysters raised by Carlsbad Aquafarm are bivalve delights, but slurping them at their freshest, on the street at the Santa Monica Farmers Market, isn't the most idyllic experience.

Now there is a more pastoral setting for oyster eating in Southern California: a rounded eating trip to Ventura's beachside shellfish outfit, The Jolly Oyster. (Click here to see the full itinerary–with photos!)

Located just inland of the dunes on the San Buenaventura State Beach, the cobalt truck is stocked with a variety of oysters and clams shipped up from The Jolly Oyster's Baja California shellfish farms.

The truck doesn't prepare the mollusks, so pack your oyster knife before you head up the 101. We brought along a cast-iron pan, some herb butter and a bag of wood chips, too, so that we could smoke some oysters on one of the grills that ring the truck.

Everything else you might need, from wine to fish to lemons, can be picked up along the way (click here to see our itinerary).

A delicious beach day awaits you.

The Jolly Oyster, 911 San Pedro St., Ventura; 805-798-4944 or