Baker & Nosh - Handmade Breads + Cheese | Chicago, IL

Stellar loaves and more at Baker & Nosh

Devotees of crusty, artisan loaves, take heed: There's a new player in town.

The wooden racks at Uptown's new Baker & Nosh are a stunning sight, loaded with loaves of country white and ciabatta, hefty sourdough boules, baguettes and bâtards.

Owner Bill Millholland has decades of baking under his belt, as well as seven years as an instructor at Chicago's Le Cordon Bleu.

His multigrain bâtard is a dense oval loaf with a touch of yeasty sweetness from its oats, grains and seeds ($5.50). It's also our current go-to for garlic-rubbed toast and open-face sandwiches. Pick up a jar of Food for Thought apricot-Chardonnay jam ($6.50) from the shop's shelves for spreading.

The grocery selection features quince paste, Italian pasta and carnaroli rice, tomato paste and other pantry boosters. A cheese case is packed with Molinari and Olli salamis and a handful of imported and domestic cheeses.

There's fodder for filling your stomach on-site, too. Foot-long flatbreads ($6) are covered with roasted red peppers, tomatoes and feta, or artichokes with Gruyère and thyme; and a handful of hefty ciabatta sandwiches are offered each day. Snag a sticky bun for dessert, or an oversize apple-cinnamon muffin for the morning after.

Baker & Nosh, 1303 W. Wilson Ave.; 773-989-7393 or