On The Bar App - A Social App For Barternders

Bartender networking goes digital


Socializing on the Job

Bartender networking goes digital

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Bartenders, by nature, are a social species.

The job is no fit for a wallflower, as those behind the stick offer everything from libations to impromptu therapy sessions.

But in this digital age, even the most timeless of face-to-face encounters must be put to smartphone. So, for those looking to keep tabs on their favorite drink-makers, there's now On the Bar.

The new app, currently in Boston, is a boozehound's mix of Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare. First, bartenders create profiles and list their places of employment. When they arrive at work, they can do something akin to a Foursquare check-in, telling the app that they are currently "on the bar."

Drinkers can then see who is working at bars near their location, and can even follow their favorite bartenders so as to be alerted when said bartenders are on the clock.

You know, for times when your therapist is out of town.

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