March Kitchenware And Supplies | Sacramento, CA

March inspires lust and envy

First, a warning: A trip to March is going to inspire longing.

Your galley kitchen may not be sizable enough to accommodate a custom white marble-topped island, and you might not need a copper stockpot large enough to bathe a child. But that won't keep you from wanting them just the same.

Thankfully, the Sacramento street store offers some consolation prizes: elegant tableware from England's Brickett Davda ($52 to $325), which gives Heath a run for its money; sets of five paper-thin glasses (five for $128), ranging in size from tiny to not-so, one for any libation you desire, and elegant linen bibless butcher aprons ($100) from Boxwood Linens.

There are also hand-carved wooden spoons made by Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Company in various shapes and ideal proportions; they, too, are dear ($110), but buy one and you can replace a drawer's worth of lesser implements.

Those in need of a quick gift can pick up a cookbook (Tartine, The Art of Simple Food), bottles of private-label olive oil and jars of jam.

And if money is no object? Cozy up to the Aga cast-iron cooker (starting at $23,000), a functional floor model which will be used for the forthcoming in-store supper series, then order your own in the model and color of your choosing.

March, 3075 Sacramento St. (at Divisadero St.); 415-931-7433 or