The Walkin Kitchen E-Magazine

A new e-magazine takes a different look at food

We've already seen food media grow alt roots through the resurrection of the 'zine.

Now a new website, The Walkin Kitchen, strikes a balance between that retro ethos and the digital landscape.

The site is organized by medium (photo, film, music and drawing) rather than by subject, setting it up as more of an artistic endeavor than an informational one. As such, The Walkin Kitchen's content is at risk of precious navel-gazing–and occasionally it succumbs. But more often than not, the posts and illustrations are entertaining.

Last week, the site offered a series of short stories written by current members of Columbia's MFA program in creative writing; prior to that, a miniature photo essay recalled Christmas in Brittany.

The Walkin Kitchen is still in its infancy, but it holds the promise of serving as an intriguing yang to the yin of mass food media. For those who prefer tracks that were laid in a basement rather than a fancy recording studio, read on.