Cart For A Cause Cookbook - For Meals On Wheels

A cookbook for Meals on Wheels

Truth be told, the seniors beat us to it.

Long before iPhone-wielding hipsters were tracking down the latest culinary-mashup food truck, a subset of our elders were getting their dinner from Meals on Wheels.

Cart for a Cause, the food truck whose sales benefit St. Vincent Meals on Wheels, brought together these disparate styles of mobile dining–and a long list of L.A. restaurateurs jumped on the truck for a day to offer an altruistic menu.

While the truck can only star one chef at a time, the new Cart for a Cause Cookbook compiles their contributions in one volume. There's a recipe for warm quinoa salad from Fig's chef, Ray Garcia, albacore tartare from The Foundry's Eric Greenspan, and chorizo from the dudes at Animal.

But in the near future, our copy of the cookbook will effortlessly fall open to Susan Feinger's recipe for millet puffs (click here to see the recipe). The puffed grains are bound together with melted marshmallows seasoned with a compendium of South Asian spices: fennel, cumin, curry leaf and more. Cooking the dish simultaneously recalls making Rice Krispies Treats and walking the streets of New Delhi.