Bloody Mary Mixers

Who, when they're hung over, wants to fiddle with peeling horseradish or juicing citrus to make a hair of the dog?

The answer to that question (nobody) has spawned shelves full of prepared mixers that simplify your morning cocktail into a dump-and-stir affair.

An outcropping of newcomers is bringing a sense of gourmand sophistication to the weekend staple. Two new creations from South Carolina–Charleston Bloody Mary Mix ($10; click here to buy) and Fat & Juicy Bloody Mary Mix ($6; click here to buy)–hinge on the flavor of fresh, local ingredients. The latter includes a medley of roasted vegetables in its tomato base, which gives it a thicker, sturdier consistency.

But for all of the newcomers, we find ourselves repeatedly reaching for Zing Zang to complete our weekend brunches.

One of the trailblazers of the Bloody Mary movement, its versatility is admirable. Where other mixes are outfitted with an overload of flavor, Zing Zang is subtle. It can stand on its own when we're in our lazier moods, but also takes to creative additions with ease.

Bloody up that hangover.