Australian Coffee Takes Over New York Coffee Scene

Australians take over the city's coffee scene

We're declaring a full-on Down Under coffee invasion.

Australian-backed spots such as Café Grumpy, Culture Espresso Bar, Five Leaves, Milk Bar and Glass Shop have all been holding it down (and quite well, might we add) locally for the signature coffee drink of the Antipodes: the flat white.

A flat white lands you at a delicious halfway dot between a cappuccino and latte: Sized like a cappuccino but without a latte's foam, the drink lays down a silky blanket of steamed whole milk on top of espresso. Now, with two more spanking-new New York shops specializing in flat whites, the Aussie homeland drink is fast becoming ubiquitous.

Toby's Estate Coffee: This shop (which opened yesterday) brings the spirit of the roastery Toby Smith originally started in his mum's garage to Williamsburg. Chat with the baristas at the walk-up pour-over bar as they assemble your flat white ($3.50) with Battenkill Valley Creamery dairy and the ultra-rare La Marzocco Strada machine. 125 N. Sixth St. (at Berry St.), Brooklyn; 347-457-6160 or

Laughing Man Coffee & Tea: Hugh Jackman owns this tiny trapezoid of a coffee shop on a charming Tribeca street. Sure, it has the glow of celebrity and charity, but the flat white ($3.25) made with the Dukale's Dream espresso blend is full-bodied with a velvety topping of milk. 184 Duane St. (between Greenwich and Hudson sts.), 212-680-1111 or