Bakery Delivery Services: Pleasant House Bakery

Two new winter perks worth seeking out

These new delivery services put two local favorites in closer reach:

Pleasant House Royal Pies: No longer do you have to journey to Bridgeport for a taste of Royal Pies. West Town's Green Grocer now stocks Pleasant House Bakery's finest in its refrigerator and freezer. Each Tuesday or Wednesday, the bakery drops off a fresh set of golden-crusted mushroom-and-kale pies ($8), and has promised to supply its meat-filled versions in the near future, too. Take one home with some potatoes and sausagesĀ for a properly Brit-Irish meal.

Nice Cream Custom Flavors: Chicago's ice cream scene suffered a blow when a spat with the state stopped Nice Cream's production last summer. We've lamented the last months without her blueberry pie ice cream and mango-chile sorbet. But Kris Swanberg hasn't stopped churning; she's now offering custom flavor cards ($100), good for a flavor brainstorming session, four pints, and delivery anywhere in the Chicago area. Flavors thus far have ranged from salted caramel with apple and peanuts to sweet potato-ginger. Pick up the flavor cards at Green Grocer or The Dill Pickle Food Co-op in Logan Square, or email