Champagne, Caviar, And Cotechino New Years Eve Plans

The three C's to help you celebrate the New Year

As the year wanes to a close, our minds (and mouths) are fixed on ringing in 2012. And just in time for reveling, three new spins on New Year's fixtures have hit shelves. Let the countdown begin!

Champagne Boutique e-store Fat Cork specializes in one thing and one thing only: top-notch grower Champagne. With its new FC Club, members receive monthly shipments of specialty bottles at lower-than-retail prices. Membership is limited to 100 people, so sign up here to claim your spot.

Caviar Top your blinis with the luxe line of Fraser River white-sturgeon caviar from Northern Divine (click here to buy). Based in British Columbia, the company has only just made the caviar available Stateside, and chefs are already prizing it for its incredibly delicate flavor and largely sustainable production. (The Northern Divine farm uses a 99.9 percent water refilteration system, as well as a waste-recovery program.)

Cotechino Lentils with cotechino, a type of soft pork sausage, is a traditional New Year's dish in Italy (it's thought to secure prosperity in the coming year). Give the dish a new turn with Creminelli's version of the sausage; mild and creamy with plenty of saline punch, it deserves multiple calendar dates (click here to buy).