Coffee Making Tools

Coffee devices that don't plug in

For those who leave nothing to chance, there are plenty of coffee machines already on the market and some that will soon be available that require only the press of a button to brew a superlative cup.

But for many people, making coffee is the first order of the day, and an act as important in its practice as its result. For these individuals, DIY has melded beautifully with design in these new tools:

French Press: The basic mechanics of a French press are incorporated into a sleek silver body with a single wooden handle. Designed by silversmiths at Freud, the pot ($110) can hold eight cups (click here to buy).

Donut Drip: The minimalist Japanese form of this coffee dripper ($60) for pour-overs far exceeds its clunky predecessors (click here to buy).

Presso: This wishbone-shaped tool ($150) pulls shots of espresso using lever mechanics and the brute force of its operator (click here to buy).