Smucker Farms Amish Grocer | Washington, D.C.

Smucker Farms brings Lancaster to Northwest

Add buggies and bonnets, and Smucker Farms would be a miniature, self-contained Pennsylvania town set on 14th Street.

Lancaster native Eric Smucker intended as much. The owner of the week-old general store missed the Amish-made foods of his childhood, so he now stocks his favorite products from the region's best farms, bakeries and specialty shops.

Start the day with eggs ($5.50) and a side of Stoltzfus scrapple ($4.50) or the butcher's thick ring of beef bologna ($10). Smucker sources milk ($5 per half-gallon) from Trickling Springs and yogurt ($1.75) from Pequea Valley.

Spread slices of toasted baguette ($3.50) or cranberry bread ($8.50) with Christina Maser's thick fruit preserves. The Pennsylvania-based purveyor blends fruit and herbs for combinations like blueberry-basil-lemon jam ($6), nectarine jam with rosemary ($6) and peach-basil vinaigrette ($7).

Smucker stocks snack foods, including Martin's hand-rolled pretzels ($3.50), along with assorted baked goods and whole shoofly pies ($12) sweetened with molasses and brown sugar.

Smucker is constantly expanding the merchandise, with a new dairy and a butcher joining the ranks. The shop also plans to launch a CSA of local products, and be a pickup point for the currently online-only Ansonia Wines.

Smucker Farms, 2118 14th St. NW (at W St.);