New Cooking Apps

For decades, Thanksgiving hosts have dialed into the Butterball hotline for tips, tricks and last minute fixes for all kinds of turkey-roasting dilemmas.

These days, there are a handful of contemporary tools to help you solve your kitchen quandaries. We are, predictably, fans of our new digital cookbook. But the following resources are equally helpful during the final stretch of the big feast's preparation.

Food 52: This site's digital holiday cookbook ($10) includes instructions and reference tips for everything from trussing turkeys to building gingerbread houses. The mobile version is a truncated Hotline app (free): Enter a question and it'll be directed to the Food52 website, where members and the site's editors can offer advice in real time (click here to download).

Paprika: This app ($5) is great any time of year for organizing recipes, but we find ourselves particularly dependent on its yield calculator during the holidays. Increase your favorite meatball recipe from 6 to 16 without doing a single sum (click here to download).

Turkey Timer: Keep track of your turkey's cooking time with this app (click here to download), which estimates doneness and color of your bird based on applied data (oven temperature, bird weight). Or for the extremely high tech, the iGrill ($99) is a Bluetooth-enabled meat thermometer that alerts you to your turkey's temperature via iPhone or iPad.