Petrossian Caviar Powder, Paper, And Cubes

We can all agree that caviar is quite fine as is.

Generally, we enjoy ours by the mother-of-pearl spoonful–sans distracting blinis, crème fraîche or even toast points.

But this year, third-generation caviar experts Petrossian have yanked us away from the familiar tin with three brand-new products:

Caviar Powder ($88 in a 28-gram mill; $74 in a 30-gram jar): Pearls of caviar are dried without any additional flavors or additives and packaged, ready to be ground or tossed on food like sprinkles. We've been laying a thick flurry onto plates of softly scrambled eggs, buttery pasta and smoked salmon. Perfect for traveling, the powder can be kept at room temperature for six months.

Caviar Papierusse Paper ($49 for 20 grams): Paper-thin four-inch-square pieces of pressed-caviar come vacuum-packed. Use them like cold cuts for a luxe sandwich or layer and roll the sheets into hors d'oeuvres such as caviar sushi.

Caviar Cubes ($45 for 20 grams of 16 to 20 cubes): Extra-intense oil-packed pressed blocks of caviar are for lovers of salt and bottarga. We like ours speared onto a pick and plunged into a frosty beverage. Or shave them over anything in sight for a truffle-of-the-sea effect.

Petrossian, 911 Seventh Ave. (between 57th and 58th sts.); 212-245-2214 or