Cocktails For Any Time Of Day By Bittermans

Stocking a bar for entertaining season can be tricky.

But thanks to Janet and Avery Glasser, the husband-and-wife team behind Bittermens, our holiday bartending plan is now clear: We'll be hinging our cocktails on the company's just-launched line of spirits ($24 for 375ml). Here, our five-point guide to an easily mixed round.

For brunch: The Citron Sauvage, which marries the bitterness of grapefruit pith with bright, tart sweetness, has become our new accessory to sparkling wine.

For happy hour: For the Amère Nouvelle, the Glassers sought to recreate Amer Fleur de Bière, an orange- and gentian-rich concoction popular in Alsace. The resulting version is less sweet, but works equally well in the classic Alsatian preparation: added to a pale lager.

For an apéritif: While the Commonwealth Tonic is great in a proper G&T, it has a consistency thinner than most tonic syrups on the market. So it's ideal on its own, with just a touch of soda.

For a digestif: The Amére Sauvage is modeled after the gentian liqueurs popular in the Alps. Incredibly rich and bitter, it plays well replacing Campari in a White Negroni.

For dessert: Born of a missing decimal point in a recipe, the Hiver Amer is the liquid equivalent of a Red Hot. Add it to hot chocolate for a mature rendition of the wintery classic, or use it to amp up a batch of eggnog.