North African Marketplace | Tasting Table Souk

Everything you need for your North African kitchen, in one place

When we're wandering the avenues of a new cuisine, we find that the discovery of recipes is only half the fun.

Equally exciting as the food is the collection of tools and ingredients that become essential to our cooking explorations.

To wit: As we've found our footing with the fundamental dishes of North Africa, we have, in turn, culled an arsenal with which to make them, from couscousiers to sardines. Now we're passing that bounty on to you with our North African marketplace, Tasting Table Souk.

In it, you'll find an intriguing Syrah born of Moroccan and French collaboration (which is perfect for stocking a wine cellar) and housewarming snacks such as harissa-stuffed olives from Tunisia.

You'll also find surprising pantry items that are destined to become staples: fragrant spice blends and domestically grown freekeh, a welcome burst of variety in the grain rotation.

Tasting Table Souk has landed on these shores just in time for building your holiday wish list.