A Guide To A No-Cook Thanksgiving

For those due to host Thanksgiving but dreading the hours at the stove, we come bearing relief. Below, a guide to producing a sophisticated, celebratory and thorough meal without sparking the stove or shorting your patience:

The Bird: Pick up whole birds, dry-rubbed and smoked over peach wood, from Lillie's Q ($75 for a 15-pound bird; order by 11/22). Get a traditional roasted turkey from Prairie Fire ($105 for a whole, $55 for half; order by 11/20) or a smoked turkey from Frontier ($4.50 per pound), both of which offer pickup on Thanksgiving Day.

The Sides: Green bean casserole with Vidalia onion cream and buttermilk biscuits with apple butter are among the "Thanksgiving Helpers" offered by Custom House Tavern (order by 11/20). Get Table 52's fawned-over Three-Cheese Mac and cornbread to go, plus sweet potatoes, braised collard greens and a turkey brining kit (order by 11/19). Prairie Fire offers a spread of classic sides to go, plus seasonal appetizers like butternut squash soup and salad with pumpkin seeds and pomegranate.

The Whole Shebang: Source a carryout meal for 12 from Southport Grocery, which includes challah stuffing, cranberry-grape sauce, oatmeal apple pie and more ($265; order by 11/16). Gold Coast barbecue spot Chicago Q has a smoked turkey feast for 10 to 14 people available to go ($345; order by 11/22). Or order a la carte from Prairie Fire's offerings, which include pies and drink mixes.

Leftovers: The chicken potpie from Angel Food Bakery, with a creamy white-meat and fall vegetable filling and a flaky pastry crust ($10 for a single-serve pie), is an excellent stand-in for a homemade leftover-turkey potpie.