Juice Revolution Food Truck | Washington, D.C.

Juice Revolution takes hold in D.C.

Food trucks have become mobile splurge machines.

They bring cupcakes, buttery lobster rolls (and their companions, whoopie pies), deep bowls of lasagna and tacos to almost every curb.

For a roving snack with a healthier slant, flag down vehicular newcomer Juice Revolution. The van is trolling the District and Arlington with live–rather than pasteurized–juices that are pressed to order using several industrial-strength juicers designed to capture more nutrients from the pressed produce.

GreenOhm ($7) juices fronds of vegetal kale, cucumber, sweet pineapple and ginger for instant energy. Purple Rain ($6) combines apples, cucumber, beets and unexpectedly snappy red cabbage. Sweetly frothy, the Carrotini ($5) blends oranges and ginger with the root vegetables.

Juice Revolution's menu also includes freshly pressed wheatgrass ($4)–which has always been frustratingly hard to find around town–along with custom options. The build-your-own beverages start with a base of any available vegetables, then mix in fruit juices and fresh herbs.

Owners Jessie and Rick Kennedy are dedicated health fiends and runners, so they plan to work with sporting events, fitness clubs and yoga studios to bring quality juice to the masses.

It's a revolution, one cup at a time.