Roasted Chickpea Snack By Good Bean

The roasted chickpea arrives Stateside

The roasted chickpea is to countries around the world what peanuts and popcorn are to the USA.

The chickpea has a particularly strong hold in North Africa, where it is known as leblebi, prepared in a style exported from Turkey. In Tunisia, the nutrient-packed legumes are incorporated into soups and stews flavored with harissa. More commonly, they're eaten on their own, seasoned with just a bit of salt or some spices, as a snack.

Now the Good Bean is bringing that tradition Stateside. Launched this summer in California's Bay Area, the line currently offers four flavors of roasted chickpeas ($19 for six bags): sea salt, smoky lime, cinnamon and cracked pepper. The simply dressed sea-salt version bears the closest resemblance to its leblebi brethren; with a savory crunch and a mild nutty quality, it satisfies like a potato chip.

Those with a sweet tooth should opt for the cinnamon-dusted iteration, which straddles the line between snack and dessert.

And in a stroke of great luck, roasted chickpeas from the Good Bean are startlingly healthful: They boast the same amount of protein as an egg.

How pea-fect.