Moroccan Tableware Designs By Beldi

A Morocco-inspired dinner-party setting, courtesy of Beldi

Supplied with homemade preserved lemons for roast chicken and baklava from one of New York's best restaurants, we have the cornerstones of a delicious North African-influenced dinner party.

And thanks to the just-launched design shop, Beldi, our tables can be as inspired as the menu.

Founded this past September by Aimee Bianca and her Morocco-born husband, Chafiq Ennaoui, Beldi sells a tightly curated range of home decor and accessories handcrafted in Morocco. The key to its selection: The couple buys products directly from artisans, then donates 20 percent of all profits to Moroccan charities.

"It's ingrained in Moroccans that you eat with your eyes as well as with your mouth," says Bianca, a veteran cookbook publicist. Here, she shares her tips on entertaining in the Moroccan mode (click here to see our slide show):

• More is more: "Don't be afraid to mix different patterns and colors. Try draping a patterned cloth over the table or using brightly colored serving bowls."

• Take it down a notch–literally: "Having guests sit on cushions or poufs around a low table instantly creates a more casual and festive feeling."

• Fill it up: "Moroccan hospitality is famous. You want your table to overflow with lots of prepared dishes and plenty of bread."