The Barrelhouse Flat Cocktails | Chicago, IL

Drink through cocktail history at The Barrelhouse Flat

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No need to compliment Stephen Cole on any of the 60-plus cocktails at The Barrelhouse Flat.

The Violet Hour alumnus, who composed the list with Greg Buttera (formerly of The Aviary and Sable), insists: "These cocktails aren't my own."

To create the drink menu at the new Lincoln Park boîte, the two mined historic texts like the Official Mixer's Manual for concoctions dating back to the 1890s. Some, like the Corpse Reviver #2, are now-familiar names. Others were exhumed from dusty corners of the cocktail past.

Sip one of Cole's favorite drinks ($10 each) as you peruse the list. And look for 10 to 12 original cocktails to debut in the coming weeks.

Jimmie Roosevelt Credited to bon vivant Charles H. Baker, this drink is a lively blend of Cognac, Green Chartreuse and Champagne.

Ford Cocktail This martini-like combination of gin, dry vermouth and orange bitters gets its herbaceous note from a touch of Benedictine.

Lion's Tail The original recipe for this bourbon-based drink hails from the Café Royal Cocktail Book of 1937 (reprinted in Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails). With a dose of allspice-flavored Pimento Dram, it's like a Whiskey Smash went island hopping.

The Barrelhouse Flat, 2624 N. Lincoln Ave.;