New York's Best Cocktails Of 2011

The year's best cocktails (and how to make them at home)

Order a cocktail at, say, Death & Co. or Pegu Club, and it's bound to wow.

But there's also a spate of new bars, all of which opened this year, that are quickly proving to be drinking destinations in their own right.

Tasting Table New York's Best Cocktails 2011 is a right-now road map to the 10 best cocktails poured at these recently sprouted drink dens.

This boozy collection revels in the refreshing and the unexpected. Find harissa cozying up to rum at the Tippler, pomegranate molasses making an appearance at the Monkey Bar and bourbon taking a dip in a bitters-infused beer at Amor y Amargo.

Plan a bar crawl around this swath of cocktail destinations or play mixologist and re-create them in your own kitchen: We've included a detailed recipe for each, which means you can indulge in these 10 top tipples without ever leaving your house.

We'll drink to that.