Apple Cider Syrup By Morris Kitchen

Morris Kitchen is back with apples

When Morris Kitchen's ginger syrup landed in our lives, we chucked our canned ginger ale and never looked back.

Now that brother-sister duo Tyler and Kari Morris are back with a brand-new boiled apple syrup ($13 for 8 oz.), we suspect our annual fall cider purchases might be cruising for the same fate.

The letter-pressed label on the amber glass bottle reads simply, Ingredients: apples. They're not kidding.

Fifty-gallon drums of Red Jacket Orchards' apple cider are delivered to the Morris headquarters in Williamsburg. From there, the cider is reduced in kettles until it is tart, rich, full of stickiness and one-sixth of its original volume.

With the ginger iteration, we focused mostly on drinks, but the apple begs to be used in the kitchen. Roasted Brussels sprouts with pancetta and a drizzle of apple syrup, duck lacquered with a cider reduction and roasted pork walloped with apple syrup are all now on our fall cooking itinerary.

With a bottle in our fridge, we're confident we'll be filling our apple-a-day prescription with supreme ease.

Morris Kitchen Boiled Apple Cider Syrup is available at Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain, By Brooklyn and online and these retailers