Golden Road Brewing

Debut beers from L.A.'s newest brewery

Tony Yanow has the drinking end of the beer business covered, with a bar in Burbank and a bar in Echo Park.

At Tony's Darts Away and Mohawk Bend, Yanow serves a combined total of over 100 different brews. Still, there are two taps he knows the most intimately: Point the Way IPA and Golden Road Hef (both $5.50 per pint), the debut offerings from the beer impresario's new Golden Road Brewing.

Located in Atwater Village, Golden Road is brewing in a big way, with plans to produce 10,000 barrels of beer in its first year.

It's no surprise that Golden Road started off with an IPA–at last count Mohawk Bend was pouring 18 varied iterations of the style, and brewmaster Jon Carpenter worked at the hop-heavy Dogfish Head (The current brewmaster is Jesse Houck).

While the nose is all hops, the flavor of Point the Way is more that of malty caramel, and the pleasantly bitter finish transforms it into the rare IPA that we'd like to drink more than one pint of. The Hefenweizen is similarly light, edged with clove and sweet citrus.

This Sunday, the brewery will celebrate its grand opening, so grab a ticket ($20; click here to purchase) and go see–and taste–the latest piece of Yanow's craft-beer empire.

Golden Road Brewing, 5430 W. San Fernando Rd., Atwater Village; 213-537-4655 or